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White Papers

Reports and analysis by the akorIoT team


The akorIoT team has decades of experience in the design and delivery of radio networks.  This experience is available to you in the form of books, consultancy and the white papers which look at some of the key technologies and approaches to effective IoT network design and deployment.

LoRaWAN vs. Mioty: comparative study report

LoRaWAN, the long time champion of low-power, wide area networks has a challenger,  mioty with impressive ruggedness and performance.  Read our comparative report

Detailed Study of LPWAN power requirements

LPWAN  Comparison StudyThe term “low power” is unfortunate. Power is the English word for performance, which is insignificant here. What matters is the energy consumption, and that energy is obtained by multiplying the power with time. So it would be better termed a LEWAN (Low Energy Wide Area Network). In general, there are many in the LPWA world Concepts thrown around, theses put forward and the facts often not questioned.

With this report, we want to shed some light on the darkness of the terms and discuss the differences between LPWAN technologies to help the reader make informed choices of technology for their LPWAN solution.

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A study of LPWAN options for a Smart City

Smart City StudyThis report compares the costs and risks for deployment of both a public and a private LPWAN and takes advantag of software for the simulation and the antenna parameters from the LPWAN Cookbook.

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A study of the performance of DIY PCB Antennas


Cover of DIY PCB Antenna Study

DIY PCB Antenna Study

Good antenna design is key to the delivery of successful IoT devices which balance efficiency, power and range.  Many supplier datasheets and application notes ignore the fundamentals that affect antenna performance.  This practical study explains the trade-offs and demonstrates how developers should tune their antenna for best results, including the possible use of a cost-saving PCB antenna.

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