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VNA and sandbox complete kit

MegiQ VNA + Sandbox Kits

  • Complete VNA Measurement kit
  • Get started with VNA measurements right out-of-the-box
  • Includes VNA-0440 / VNA-0440e / VNA-0460 / VNA-0460e
  • Includes VNA Sandbox with in-depth tutorial
  • 30 day money back guarantee (less any return to stock costs)


Order a complete kit with a VNA and a VNA-Sandbox for a special price to get started right out-of-the box.

The VNA-Sandbox and its tutorial will show you how to measure and let you get start measure your applications in a short time.



CAL-UFL-BAL User guide for the UFL and balancd calibration kit


Downloads – Product Information

VNA Sandbox Overview

Excerpts of our VNA Sandbox tutorial that is included with the VSB.

Balanced Calibration Kit Overview

Excerpts of our Balanced measurements tutorial that is included with the Balanced Calibration Kit.

VNA-04×0(e) Product Info and Specifications

Specifications of the MegiQ VNA0440(e) / VNA0460(e).

RMS-0640 / RMS-0660 Specifications

Specifications of the MegiQ Radiation Measurement System.

Software and documentation

VNA Software

VNA Software and Firmware page.

MegiQ VNA0440-VNA0460 User Manual V3.1

VNA0440(e) / VNA0460(e) User Manual.

MegiQ VNA API specification

Documentation of the MegiQ VNA Application Programming Interface.

MegiQ VNA API package

Documentation and example programs that use the MegiQ VNA Application Programming Interface.

Application Notes

AN100 VNA-0440(e) Measurements

Example measurements exploring the possibilities of the VNA0440 and VNA0440e and the VNA Sandbox.

AN101 Care of Connectors

Some tips how to prevent damage to connectors.

AN102 Use of UFL Connectors

How UFL connectors can be used in VNA measurements.

AN103 Production Antenna Testing

Case report of using the VNA0440 in production testing.

AN104 RF in Luminaires

Designing RF inside all metal luminairs can be challenging.

AN105 Contactless Antenna Measurement using a VNA

A technique of antenna measurement using a coupling loop.

AN106 Calculating TIS from TRP

How to calculate TIS when the TRP can be readily measured.

AN107 VNA-0460e Measurement Quality

Assessment of the quality and stability of the VNA-0460e Vector Network Analyzer measurements.


MegiQ VNA-0440

4 GHz 2-port VNA

MegiQ VNA-0440e

4 GHz 3-port VNA with bias generator

MegiQ VNA-0460

6 GHz 2-port VNA

MegiQ VNA-0460e

6 GHz 3-port VNA with Bias Generator

MegiQ Sandbox Kit

VNA Sandbox

Balanced and UFL Calibration Kit

Balanced and UFL Calibration Kit

VNA and sandbox complete kit

VNA+ Sandbox Kits

MegiQ RMS Setup

Radiation measurement Sytems

ETM770 Network Monitoring Tool

ETM770 cellular network monitoring tool