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Face to face training from the akorIoT team

Munich, November 2016

Exploring the difference between an in-house embedded antenna versus an off-the-shelf chip antenna.  The difference is between US$0 and US$6 in 1,000 piece quantities.  Attendees of this seminar could make an informed decision after 60 minutes’ training from the akorIoT team.  The seminar covered antenna basics, how to read and understand datasheets that have measurements made in free space and the technical design considerations for antennas for multiple wireless standards and GNSS.

Berlin, June 2017

For this hackathon developers and start-ups were invited to attend and develop concepts that could disrupt the IoT landscape by creating services & solutions based on the NB-IoT technology.  The akorIoT team attended and supporting competitors with IoT modules and advice.

Berlin, June 2018

The akorIoT team repeated its offer of free antenna testing.  The previous year at a similar workshop over half of the antennas tested by the team were faulty, which underlines the importance of testing at every phase of design, prototyping and mass production.  Using a Vector Network Analyser, we measured the return loss of U.FL, FME and SMA antennas free of charge. This measurement was worth more in equivalent consulting time than the registration fee for the event.

Munich, November 2018

A wokshop based around the open IoT HW platform, the akorIoT Nano.  This is a credit card sized design which includes an embedded PCB antenna, GNSS module, and 7 sensors plus the ability to add a further107 off the shelf PCB sensors. The workshop used the well-known Arduino SDK to read the sensors and to upload the data to the cloud or to send an SMS.

The workshop further gave instruction in the using STM32 Nucleo 32 with free of charge GNU- C-Compiler.

Combined with the tips and experience of the akorIoT team this was a comprehensive grounding in IoT device hardware and firmware design.