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akorIoT Consulting

How we engage to help you

The typical engagement with the arkorIoT team is as follows:

  • Purchase of the IoT M2M Cookbook, read the book and learn the basics.
  • Telco/Skype to kick off the project (approx. 4 hours working time with preparation and follow-up)
  • Prepare an empty board with an antenna in the original case. Often also with the radio module and USB cable for live testing.
  • Measurement of the Radiation Pattern in 3 axes (recommended option)
  • Delivery of the documentation incl. Gerber Files
  • “Copy” of our design by your team with all components
  • Design review by our akorIoT team or accompaniment of the development by phone, Skype or e-mail
  • Production of prototypes and matching of the antenna by our team
  • Mostly then up to 10 further versions up to the serial board required
  • Measurement of the serial PCB and re-matching of the antenna
  • Pre-tests for radio certification in our laboratory and in the test laboratory
  • Possible adjustment of the matching network and Worst-Case modification of the PCB (very rare)
  • Radio certification of the device and accompaniment by the akorIoT team. We are always in the room during the measurements and check whether the measurements are correct in the test laboratory. Measurement errors lead to a negative test report.

If required, we can develop the series PCB on the basis of the customer’s prototype (pre-production) and take care of the radio certification. The software development is then still with the customer. If required, we put together the “all-round carefree package” and develop the hardware plus firmware, plus software on the server and app on the smartphone.

Since we have extensive experience with NB-IoT projects and development of antennas, we would like to guide and support your project and we are happy to make you a commercial offer. We need a sketch or drawing of the case with dimensions to be able to estimate the size of the board. If the board is too small compared to the wavelength of the lowest frequency, the development costs will increase. In the worst case, no antenna can support the application in this format.

Extract of wireless IoT related services:

  • Matching of the antenna in the device (chip, PCB antenna, helical antenna)
    Guidance on antenna design if undertaken by the client
  • Antenna layout of the dual F-antenna on an empty PCB in the customer’s enclosure
  • Antenna layout of any other custom PCB antenna: Helix antenna, Flex PCB antenna, Antenna punched from tinplate, Antenna printed on plastic in housing, Antenna on ceramic, Slot antennas and many more techniques
  • Antenna with radio module and power supply for extremely low power consumption
  • Assisting in the implementation of the antenna or power supply concept in the fully-featured PCB of the customer
  • Development of the whole PCB including an antenna with software Development by the customer
  • Development of the whole device (HW + SW) following the client’s specifications
  • Reference designs with NB-IoT, LTE-M, GSM, GNSS, BLE, Wi-Fi, MCU, sensors, charging electronics for over 20 applications with an open block diagram and the possibility for customers to develop their own code using a free C compiler
  • Preliminary measurements and tests required for radio certification
  • Radio certification according to RED (CE), FCC and several more standards
  • Workshops at the client’s office or via video conference
  • Training and seminars on radio technology and radio certification

We look forward to receiving your inquiry. In most cases the IoT M2M Cookbook or the reference design akorIoT SensPRO is only the beginning. After that there are often follow-up orders for the services mentioned above. “akor” is the ancient Celtic word for “open” and we prefer openness in our concepts, and like to share our knowledge in training and to maintain open communication with our customers.