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Smart City Study
Wilhelm Oelers
Harald Naumann

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Development of a public or private LPWAN

Understanding the practical aspects of LPWAN deployment

Version 1.0 Published 25.01.2021

Authors: Harald Naumann and Wilhelm Oelers

The study looks at possible wireless IoT applications in Lübeck, Hanover and in the municipality of Kirchheim in Hesse. The examples of applications were taken from the public documents of the cities mentioned and analysed for feasibility and difficulty. In the following step, the capacity of a private LPWAN based on LoRaWAN was analysed. In addition, the costs for a private LPWAN (LoRaWAN) were compared to the costs for a public LPWAN (NB-IoT) for a usage period of 10 years. The possible range of a LoRaWAN gateway was presented in the simulation for the 12 villages of the municipality of Kirchheim. The free software for the simulation and the antenna parameters were taken from the LPWAN Cookbook. The summary compares the costs and risks for deployment of both a public and a private LPWAN.

The study is in the German language, and English version will be provided as a free update.