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MegiQ VNA-0460

MegiQ 6 Ghz 2-port Vector Network Analyser


  •  2-port VNA
  •  Frequency range 400MHz to 6 GHz
  •  Measuring power -30 to +5 dBm
  •  Real time sweep speed
  •  Port calibrated
  •  Parametric sweeps
  •  Match Circuit Calculator
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  • Price € 3690.00 plus VAT
  • Price includes 1 hour live video training
  • Further training available on request to support your project


The VNA-0460 is a full bi-directional 2-port Vector Network Analyzer that is controlled from a PC through a USB connection. It is the cheapest VNA in the MegiQ VNA-04 series but provides all functionality for antenna development for the low ISM and WiFi bands.

The software included provides full control over the measurements, settings, data storage and reporting.

This VNA is ideal for measuring all kinds of micro-circuits like antennas, attenuators, amplifiers etc. Its frequency range includes most popular telecom bands like GSM-GPRS-LTE, WiFi, DECT, GPS, ISM, Zigbee, Bluetooth.

The VNA Software has an integrated Match Circuit Calculator that Calculates a match circuit from the measurement and simulates this circuit in real time.

With its small size it can also be used near the antenna inside a large device or installation. It is also ideal for on-site measurements.

Included in the product are:

  • VNA-0460
  • PC-software, for controlling, saving data &set-ups, analysis, reporting, etc.
  • Power supply and USB Cable
  • Documentation
  • Carrying case

Available accessories include SMA, UFL and Balanced adapter and calibration kits.

With its VNA Application Programming Interface the VNA-0440 can be used for automated production testing.


  • 2-port bidirectional VNA
  • Measure S11, S12, S21, S22
  • Frequency 400 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Power -30 to +5 dBm
  • Sweep up to 20001 points
  • Sweep speed up to 4000 samples per second
  • Port calibrated
  • Full 12-term normalization
  • Parametric sweeps
  • Match Circuit Calculator
  • Deembedding functions
  • Calkit manager
  • Display formats: Source impedance, Port impedance, Return Loss, Forward Loss, SWR, Impedance (mag/ph), Impedance (Smith), Gain (mag/ph/group delay), Gain Polar.

VNA SoftwareVNA Software

Presets: With several preset measurements for 1-port and 2-port measurements the VNA software is very easy to use for most common measurements like impedance and gain.

Calibration: Measurements on SMA devices can be done directly at the VNA ports without any calibration. For measurements through cables and adapters the software guides through the Open-Short-Load-Through calibration process and the VNA front panel will indicate which termination to calibrate next. The Dual Calkit option makes calibration 3 times faster.

Screen: The screen was laid out for operation with a touch screen. The graphs can be dragged in any way with any of the graph types for the measurement. There are several colour schemes.

Sweeps: The software provides a sweep manager that allows combining multiple parameters (frequency, power, bias variables) into a parametric sweep. This is useful for characterizing active circuits like amplifiers, switches, varactors, pin diodes etc.

Session Manager: Measurements can be stored in a session manager that keeps the measurements for a session in a single file. All settings including calibration, screen layout, markers etc are stored in the session.

API: An Application Programming Interface for VB, C++, C#, Labview, etc is available to allow integration of the VNA-0440 in a lab setup or an automated factory testing system.

Match Circuit

 match circuit

A powerful feature is the built-in match circuit calculator. When a circuit (antenna) is measured the user can click at the appropriate frequency in the Smith chart and the match calculator will propose several circuits that matches that frequency to 50 Ohm, or another impedance. It also shows the resulting bandwidth and allows fine tuning of the components to optimize the result.

When a match is selected the result will show in the measurement and the match is simulated in real-time during further measurements.

With proper calibration of the measurement the results of the matching circuit are well duplicated on the target board.



VNA 2 Port full bidirectional




400 to 6000






Return Loss P1, P2 >15 dB





-30 to +5

+/- 1.0









input attenuator


-75 to +20


0.5 – 5 – 10





400 MHz  – 3 GHz

3 GHz – 4 GHz






Max size

Speed 1-port -4000 pts

Speed 2-port -4000 pts

Speed 1-port -25 pts

Speed 1-port -25 pts










Frequency, Power, P1 P2 attenuator, Bias Voltage, Current

Sweep variables can be combined and nested in a parametric sweep










Operating System

Recommended PC

Windows XP – Windows 10

Intel I3 or I5 system

Display formats: Source impedance, Port impedance, Return Loss, Forward Loss, SWR, Impedance (mag/ph), Impedance (Smith), Gain (mag/ph/group delay), Gain Polar.




 VNA Brochure VNA Brochure
VNA Software VNA Software and Firmware page
MegiQ VNA0440-VNA-0460 User Manual VNA-0440 and VNA-0460 User Manual
VNA Sandbox Measurement Shows the measurements of the VNA software
MigiQ VNA Api Package Documentation of the MegiQ VNA Application Programming Interface
MigiQ VNA Api Package Documentation and example programs that use the MegiQ Application Programming Interface


Downloads – Product Information

VNA Sandbox Overview

Excerpts of our VNA Sandbox tutorial that is included with the VSB.

Balanced Calibration Kit Overview

Excerpts of our Balanced measurements tutorial that is included with the Balanced Calibration Kit.

VNA-04×0(e) Product Info and Specifications

Specifications of the MegiQ VNA0440(e) / VNA0460(e).

RMS-0640 / RMS-0660 Specifications

Specifications of the MegiQ Radiation Measurement System.

Software and documentation

VNA Software

VNA Software and Firmware page.

MegiQ VNA0440-VNA0460 User Manual V3.1

VNA0440(e) / VNA0460(e) User Manual.

MegiQ VNA API specification

Documentation of the MegiQ VNA Application Programming Interface.

MegiQ VNA API package

Documentation and example programs that use the MegiQ VNA Application Programming Interface.

Application Notes

AN100 VNA-0440(e) Measurements

Example measurements exploring the possibilities of the VNA0440 and VNA0440e and the VNA Sandbox.

AN101 Care of Connectors

Some tips how to prevent damage to connectors.

AN102 Use of UFL Connectors

How UFL connectors can be used in VNA measurements.

AN103 Production Antenna Testing

Case report of using the VNA0440 in production testing.

AN104 RF in Luminaires

Designing RF inside all metal luminairs can be challenging.

AN105 Contactless Antenna Measurement using a VNA

A technique of antenna measurement using a coupling loop.

AN106 Calculating TIS from TRP

How to calculate TIS when the TRP can be readily measured.

AN107 VNA-0460e Measurement Quality

Assessment of the quality and stability of the VNA-0460e Vector Network Analyzer measurements.


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