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Hardware Development

Quick response to the market is the key to success.

Here’s how the akorIoT team helped a cusotmer do exactly that 

Megiq Products

The Timeline

  • May 2018: Initial enquiry
  • February 2019: Order for development
  • August 2019: Pre-series/field test order

Time to market from project start – 6 months!

The Technology

  • Development board= akorIoT Senspro
  • Radio modules = Quectel BG96 Multimode NB-IoT, LTEM, GSM
  • GNSS Module= Quectel L76L, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • Cellular antenna = embedded customer-specific on the PCB
  • GNSS antenna = Flex PCB with coaxial cable
  • MCU = STM32L431
  • Firmware = Customer specific
  • Cloud = akorIoT Cloud with customer-specific modification
  • Radio approval = Eurofins

In partnership with the customer we achieved a timescale of 15 months from the birth of an idea to the delivery of a real device, and only 6 months from the start of development.

The resulting device targets a global market thanks to the universal coverage of the Quectel BG96 multimode module. No other LPWAN can provide such good coverage worldwide as the combination of NB-IoT, LTE-M and GSM.

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A list of wireless IoT-related services from the akorIoT team

  • Matching of the antenna in the device (chip, PCB antenna, helical antenna)
  • Guidance on antenna design if undertaken by the client
  • Antenna layout of the dual F-antenna on an empty PCB in the customer’s enclosure
  • Antenna layout of any other custom PCB antenna: Helix antenna, Flex PCB antenna, Antenna punched from tinplate, Antenna printed on plastic in housing, Antenna on ceramic, Slot antennas and many more techniques
  • Antenna with radio module and power supply for extremely low power consumption
  • Assisting in the implementation of the antenna or power supply concept in the fully-featured PCB of the customer
  • Development of the whole PCB including an antenna with software Development by the customer
  • Development of the whole device (HW + SW) following the client’s specifications
  • Reference designs with NB-IoT, LTE-M, GSM, GNSS, BLE, Wi-Fi, MCU, sensors, charging electronics for over 20 applications with an open block diagram and the possibility for customers to develop their own code using a free C compiler
  • Preliminary measurements and tests required for radio certification
  • Radio certification according to RED (CE), FCC and several more standards
  • Workshops at the client’s office or via video conference
  • Training and seminars on radio technology and radio certification