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Antenna Services

The akorIoT team have delivered a complete range of services to satisfied clients

Tuning Curves

Antenna Matching

The akorIoT team has extensive experience in matchng antennas resulting in lower total cost of ownership in manufacturing and savings from greater transmission range and longer battery life.

antenna simulation

Antenna Simulation

To reduce the cost of simulating antennas, we have developed a standard software model for an inverted F antenna and an L antenna on a PCB based on our consultancy work for NeoCortec.

We offer a fixed price for standard modules, and can quote for the simulation of a customised antenna

Radiation Pattern

3D Radiation Pattern Testing

Understand your design’s performance in free space withe the MegiQ radiation measurement system.

Using the the MegiQ the akorIoT team can help you measure performance without the cost of building or buying time in an anechoic chamber.

akorIOT SensPRO

Antenna Selection

There are several categories of antenna, suitable to different field applications.  Selecting the correct antenna for your design is critical in order that it can meet its performance objectives in the field.

The akorIoT team has many years’ experience selecting, designing in and matching antennas for a balance of cost, power and performance in a wide range of applications .

Typical waveguides

Transmission line and design review

To ensure optimal performance for both range and power consumption.  The akorIoT team has an established track record in helping customers achieve superior results that deliver cost savings

Pre Testing Graph

CE RED/FCC Pretests

Knowledge of the critical test process for EU RED and FCC certification can save thousands of Euro in development costs.

Avoid frustrating product delays by taking advantage of the akorIoT team’s pre-testing experience

Testing for ESD

ESD Testing

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) testing is an essential part of product design.  Working with akorIoT will minimise the risks of faulty design and the costs of rework or failures in the field due to poor ESD performance.

Antenna Consulting

Antenna Consulting

The akorIoT team’s proven and effective approach to antenna consulting delivers lower costs and higher performance.