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Antenna Radiation Pattern Testing

free space performance tested with the MegiQ

Testing in an anechoic chamber

antenna radation testing

radiation patterns displayed by the MegiQ RMS Software

Before making any calculations of the expected performance of an antenna in a particular environment such as a building or subway, it is useful to understand its performance in free space.  In order to do this in a controlled fashion a test chamber, known as an anechoic chamber can be used.  This must be large enough that the transmit and receive points are several wavelengths apart, and the inside is filled with rf absorbent triangle shapes that produce random reflections in order to minimise any effects caused by the walls of the test room.

A cost effective alternative

Such anechoic test chambers can be large and expensive either to own or to rent, and in many cases it is possible to use simple test equipment such as the that from MegiQ in order to obtain results close to those which would be achieved at much higher cost in a chamber.

Measurements are taken in 3 axes to give model the antenna’s performance.

Measure transmit or receive

The receive and transmit performance of an antenna are identical.  This is a principle known as reciprocity.  Therefore, it is only necessary to measure one of these to have a complete picture of the antenna’s performance.  Measurements are made either with the antenna transmitting or receiving from a known calibrated source.

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