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Frequently Asked Questions

The team get asked many questions via email and LinkedIn.  Here are some of the most popular, together with our answers

Q: If I put a certified GSM module on my PCB, does it need re-testing?

A: The short answer is “yes” but not all of them.  read more on our blog here

Q: Which LPWAN do I use for an emergency call button

A: It depends on the use case: indoors, on a campus or when out and about.   Read a full discusion on our blog here

Q: Can you help us reduce the cost of our PCB design?

A: Yes, absolutely, we can help you with your project from start to finish, covering hardware, firmware and application software as you require.  read our blog here to find out more about the complete set of serivices we offer

Q: Which IoT protocol should I use?

A: It depends on questions such as link budget, battery life and if you really need 100% certified message delivery.  Read more on our blog here

Q: Can you fit NB-IoT into a matchbox

A: Yes, if you are careful with your design. Read our blog for more details here

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