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Antenna Simulation

Any application

Our customers’ IoT markets cover a broad application spectrum including smart metering, building technology, agriculture, logistics, tracking and beyond.  Our collective experience has allowed us to deliver effective, low power and low cost designs that could never be achieved with an off-the-shelf chip antenna.  We often come up with innovative ways to model solutions, something you don’t get from reading a supplier specification sheet or application note.

Proven, expertise

The design goal is for the resonant frequency (i.e. with least reflection) to be in the middle of the target bandwidth.  The tuning of any antenna will change as its surroundings change. Even an SMT mounted chip antenna will change its impedance if there is a change of the distance to the ground plane.  The resonance frequency can also change depending on the location of an antenna inside the final enclosure.  As the real world customer examples in this website illustrate, getting this right requires careful management of all stages of design, prototyping and procurement for mass production, something the akorIoT team have vast experience in supporting for a range of customers.

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